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A Study corresponds to an experiment whose design reflects a specific biological research question. It is part of an Investigation into a particular process, phenomenon or thing. A Study will have Assays that are "measurement experiments", a standardized measurement or diagnostic experiment using a specific protocol, applied to material from a Study.

Submitter: Paulette Lieby

Investigation: Growth control of the eukaryote cell: a systems...

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Dissemination on the CeSGO project and environment

Submitter: Olivier Collin

Investigation: CeSGO

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How people are using the CeSGO infrastructure and its different services.

Submitter: Olivier Collin

Investigation: CeSGO

Assays: CeSGO resources usage

  • Les ovocytes sont prélevés sur l'animal par laparotomie.
  • Les ovocytes sont conservés dans un milieu salin physiologique à 16°C-18°C
  • Les ovocytes sont injectés avec le matériel génétique (ADN, ARN) codant pour les protéines membranaires souhaitées.

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-On procède à une PCR des plasmides avec des amorces designées en amont et en aval de la zone d'insert en se basant sur les séquences communiquées par Nicolas MONTAGNE (INRA Versailles). -Ces produits de PCR sont envoyés pour un séquençage Sanger à la plateforme de l'IGDR (Stéphane DREANO)

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Submitter: Francois Moreews

Investigation: 1 hidden item

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There is increasing evidence that the ability to adapt to seawater in teleost fish is modulated by genetic factors. Most studies have involved the comparison of species or strains and little is known about the genetic architecture of the trait. To address this question, we searched for QTL affecting osmoregulation capacities after transfer to saline water in a nonmigratory captive-bred population of rainbow trout. A QTL design (5 full-sib families, about 200 F2 progeny each) was produced from a ...

90 trouts are transferred from freshwater to seawater during 21 days. Plamsatic ion concentrations and gill transcriptome expression are studied and related to better understand seawater acclimation functional processes on Rainbow trout.

Submitter: Cyril Monjeaud

Investigation: Detection Of QTL and functional genomics study ...

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