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With next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, the life sciences face a deluge of raw data. Classical analysis processes for such data often begin with an assembly step, needing large amounts of ...

Authors: Yvan Le Bras, Olivier Collin, Cyril Monjeaud, Lacroix Vincent,Rivals Éric,Lemaitre Claire,Miele Vincent,Sacomoto Gustavo,Marchet Camille,Cazaux Bastien,Zine El Aabidine Amal,Salmela Leena,Alves-Carvalho Susete,Andrieux Alexan,Uricaru Raluca,Peterlongo Pierre

Date Published: 1st Dec 2016

Journal: GigaSci

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PURPOSE: To determine whether systematic differences were present between myocardial R2* values obtained with two different decay models: truncation and exponential + constant (Exp-C). METHODS: ...

Author: Meloni A.,Rienhoff H. Y. Jr,Jones A.,Pepe A.,Lombardi M.,Wood J. C.

Date Published: 15th Oct 2013

Journal: Magn Reson Med

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